My Elocutions

I like knowledge sharing, as part of this I participate in conferences and try to share my experiences. I participated as a speaker, organizer, and facilitator at various regional and global Agile conferences and meet-ups as listed below.

YEAR 2017:

@ Speaker at Business And Enterprise Agility Conference (BEACON) – on 02-Dec-2017, Hyderabad:
Topic: Mastering in Scrum Master Role

@ Facilitated Coaches Clinic at Global Scrum Gathering - 2017 July-2017, Singapore.

@ Speaker at Business Agility Roadshow – on 22-Apr-2017, Hyderabad:

Topic: Agile & Scrum Anti-patterns in the Indian cultural context

YEAR 2016:

@ Facilitated Coaches Clinic at Global Scrum Gathering - 2016 Jun-2016, Bengaluru:
Topic: Coaches Clinic

@ Speaker at Global Scrum Gathering – 2016 – on 27-Jun-2016, Bengaluru, India:

Topic: Creating Engineering Culture in Scrum Environment

@ Facilitated Asia Agile Forum – 2016 on 01-May-2016, Hyderabad:
Topic: Conducted interactive workshop on “Speed Boat” Retrospective Model for 90 members

@ CSM Co-training with Madhur Kathuria (CST) on 27-Mar-2016, Hyderabad:
Topics: Product Backlog, User Stories and Definition of Done

YEAR 2015:

@ Discuss Agile Day conference on 21-November-2015, Hyderabad: 

Topic: Scrum Master [The team spirit guardian]

You Tube Video link for the same

@ XP Conference on 08-August-2015, Bengaluru:
Topic: Nighmare to Nightly Builds …

@ HYDSPIN Mid-year conference 2015 on 10-July-2015, Hyderabad.
Conducted a 4 hours pre-conference workshop

Topic: Hands on Agile Release Planning Workshop

@ Regional Scrum Gathering South Asia 2015 on 5th & 6th June 2015, Bengaluru
Topic: Conducted Agile Quiz Program

@ Regional Scrum Gathering South Asia 2015 on 5th & 6th June 2015, Bengaluru
Topic: LeanOps Implementation Experience Report (Case Study)

@ Agile India 2015 International conference on 28-Mar-2015, Bangalore:
Topic: Scrum Master – Experience Report

YEAR 2014:

@ CSM Co-training with Madhur Kathuria (CST) on 14-Dec-2014, Hyderabad:

Topic: Scrum Events (Daily Scrum, Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective

@ HYDSPIN Conference on 06-Dec-2014, Hyderabad:

Topic: Member of Panel Discussion “Emergining Technologies – Challenges and Opportunities

@ Lean India Summit on 22-Nov-2014, Bangalore:
Topic: Lean and Kanban implementation from Trenches
Video: (My session starts from 10:15 minutes in this video)

@ Regional Scrum Gathering on 11-July-2014, Hyderabad:
Topic: A case study on Large Scale Agile Transformation

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