Training is my passion. It not only helps me sharing my knowledge to others but also gives me opportunity to learn from them. I strongly believe in “Learning is a journey and not a destination”. Hence, I always find time to share my knowledge through my trainings. I spend considerable amount of time to prepare before any training, gather required information, make sure to present in most easy way to understand, add required examples, case studies that make the concepts easy and clear to the audience. I learn myself before I deliver any training. Moreover, I treat every session as my first session so that I give attention to the session and try to make it more successful. Below are some of the trainings I generally provide: (You can find a few links of my trainings in the bottom of this page)

Agile and Scrum Training:

This training is a customised Agile training to introduce Agile concepts and to provide detailed Scrum training along with a sample project to make the learning hands-on. Key topics covered in this training are: What is Agile, Why Agile, Agile frameworks, Agile Manifesto, Agile myths, Scrum introduction, Scrum values, Scrum roles, Scrum ceremonies, Agile estimation, Burndown charts and hands on project.

Agile Engineering Practices:

This is again a customised training targeted for developers and testers. This training covers the engineering practices being used in eXtreme Programming (XP) that include: Test Driven Development, Pair Programming, Continuous Integration, Collective Code Ownership, Technical Debt, Product Quality etc. This training is helpful for those who are into core product development and testing.

Version One Training:

Version One is a powerful Agile project management tool. It helps the Agile teams to create release plan, creating sprint schedules, Sprints, team rooms and effectively manage their work during the sprints. It also helps them to effectively track the impediments across the teams. This tool helps the product owners to manage the product backlog easily to create, modify, prioritise the backlog items. It has a simple to use user interface.

This training is a 1 day hands on based and the participants who attend this training can get in depth understanding about this tool and can directly use this tool in their day to day work after this training.

Agile Estimation:

This will exclusively cover various types of Agile Estimation include: Story Point, T shirt sizing, Affinity estimation, Planning Poker and so on. Agile release planning also will be part of this training. Hands on learning is a key in this training. Participants will participate in estimating using these techniques and come up with a release plan.

PMI – ACP (Agile Certified Practitioner):

This is a 3 days full day training that covers Agile concepts, frameworks and Agile project management concepts. This is very useful for those who want to work on Agile projects using Scrum and a combination of other frameworks such as eXtreme Programming (XP), Lean and Kanban etc. This is also being provided by Project Management Institute, USA (

PMP (Project Management Professional):

This is a 4 days full day training that covers 10 knowledge areas of PMBOK at length. It enhances the knowledge on critical project management concepts such as stakeholder management, communications management, scope management, time management, cost management, earned value management, risk management, procurement management etc. THis is most preferable certification for the people who handle waterfall projects of medium to large size. This will be useful for those who want to get into hands on project management to handle projects individually and to make them success by applying the true project management practices. This certification is being provided by Project Management Institute, USA (

MS Project (Latest Version):

MS project is most famous project scheduling tool that is being used by almost all project managers. This tool helps to schedule, track the progress of your project effectively and efficiently. There is a 2 days extensive hands on training that helps the participants to get in depth understanding of MS project features. It covers most commonly used features such as creating tasks, sequence them using 4 relationships, add resources to the tasks, add resource calendars, holidays, resource billing rates, baseline the project schedule, update the project progress and track the variances, generate various management reports etc. This training is very useful for those who are into project management and want to manage their projects smartly and to provide their project status reporting with quantification instead of just using some colours like green, amber, red which does not give true picture of the project progress.

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